We are still here, keeping our traditions
alive for many generations to come.
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GLICA Mission Statement
The Greater Lowell Indian Cultural Association is a family orientated group of Native American Indians that come together to acknowledge and share their religion, culture, spirituality and traditions in accordance with the ways of their Ancestors. GLICA is composed of many different tribes of people from various Indian Nations. Our strength lies in our diversity and our ability to live in the present while holding on the past and looking forward to the future of our people.

Tradition tells us that we are responsible for the next seven generations. That is to say that we must protect and pass on our traditions intact, in a lasting way for future Native American Indian People and future generations. With this in mind, we teach not only our own people our ways and customs but also non-native peoples who we hope will better understand us and respect our culture.

Education is a powerful tool for all peoples.